Nintendo Switch Satisfye 2019 Elite Case

The Satisfye Ultimate Pro Gaming Elite Bundle

The Satisfye Pro Gaming Grip is acclaimed for its’ asymmetric design which puts your hands in the perfect position for extended gameplay.

The new 2019 Elite Case moves from our PL Leather to a new moonlight grey soft shell exterior, with the same fabric but bit darker than our Slim Case, and a new plush midnight black fabric interior with tweaks to the internal design. It includes the Satisfye Pro Gaming Grip, the Elite Case, a low-profile USB-A to USB-C cable, and 2 sets of ergonomic thumbpads.

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Nintendo Switch Satisfye 2019 Elite Case
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Stand-alone Products Available Now!

We are happy to announce that both the new Elite Case and the Slim Case are now available stand-alone. We have also introduced our low profile USB-C to USB-C cable as a stand alone accessory.

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