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  • Satisfye Pro Gaming Grip
  • Satisfye Pro Gaming Grip
  • Satisfye Pro Gaming Grip
  • Satisfye Pro Gaming Grip
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Pro Gaming Grip



The Ultimate Gaming Grip for the Nintendo Switch®

  • The acclaimed gaming grip places your hands in pro grip position, perfect for extended gameplay. The asymmetric design compensates for the low position of the right stick for comfortable, ergonomic gameplay.

    We set out to create the ultimate gaming grip for the Nintendo Switch. It distributes weight to your hands like a traditional console controller so your fingers are free for better, more comfortable control. And it’s super high quality - heavy duty with a secure interface to your switch - so there’s no flex or creaks like cheaper grips.

    The small switch controllers put the burden of supporting the switch on your fingers, limiting control and making the switch uncomfortable for adult hands. The Satisfye pro gaming grip is more comfortable and ergonomic. Designed in California by the founder and a team of mechanical engineers and ergonomics experts, we have worked to create the absolute best gaming grip for the Nintendo Switch.

  • Items included:

    • Satisfye Pro Gaming Grip (Dimensions: Length - 11.34 inches x Width - 4 inches x Height - 1.8 inches)

    • Thumb Pads for Switch (4)

Unique Asymmetric Design

The natural resting place for your right thumb is inward, toward the interior of the controller. The Satisfye pro gaming grip has an asymmetric design which places your thumb closer to its natural resting position.

Most grips fail to place your right hand in the correct, ergonomic position, and the result with these grips or going gripless is your hand can become fatigued or cramped. With the Satisfye pro gaming grip, your hands are always in the perfect position.

We designed the Satisfye Pro Gaming Grip to give you an unrivaled, pro-controller experience for hours of comfortable gameplay.

[ Philip Brand / Satisfye Founder & CEO ]

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Frankie Quin

They're OK.

Hand placement is amazing. However, I am disappointed with customer support and overall process (not to mention the release of the "Red" Holiday limited edition grips) after playing with the grips for about a week I found my switch slipping of the grips. This is an issue for me which has not been handled by customer support (still waiting for a response). Would not recommend getting the Bundle packages as it is a waste of money. Just get the basic grips.


Hey Frankie, shoot us an email to and we will take care of that for you asap!

Matthias K.

Awesome piece!

Neverever without that thingy. Nice work guys. It's worth every cent, that I spend on it. Keep it up.


Love it, ... just the Color is really not mine

The grip is great. I buyer it before Christmas with the slim case in red. I live in Vienna, Austria. It was very fast delivered thru the post. Great. I play my switch normally in handheld and this grip is amazing. I tried out a lot other grips but nothing works. I am amazed. Really. Just one thing: The red color is wired and does not fit to my blue/red switch. It’s really sad seeing it. I’m no really sensitive about colors and how they fit together. But this is really hard to watch. I ordered it because I wanted the slim case. And it was just available with the red grip. Now it’s also available with the black grip. That makes it even more hard. However the shipping cost are to high to just order another one in black. Sad I can’t just change. But to say it again: the grip and the slim case are amazing. Thank you


The Perfect Grip with Almost Perfect Thumb Pads

Wow. I heard the reviews, but even when I first put it in my own hands, I didn't believe that this was as great an accessory as it ended up being. I initially bought this product because of the good word of mouth it was getting, but the pain from the awkward angle the Switch puts your hands in while using it on the go made me watch the tracking info with bated breath. When I first slipped the Switch into the grip, I thought "wow, this seems a bit cheap." But then I realized how smoothly it had gone in, how subtly but strongly it wrapped around the edges of the joycons, and that glorious touch of rubber on the grips. That was when I got excited, and after a brief adjustment period, I was hooked. The angle this puts your hands in is on par with first-party controller design. It actually felt a little strange going back to the Pro Controller when I docked my Switch, that's how awesome the Grip Pro feels. I now prefer to play in hand-held mode because of it, in fact. Games like Dark Souls, which people said I would need the Pro Controller to be played properly, are just as easy to pull off due to the placement of your fingers the Grip puts your hands in. I would say that this is a must-have for anyone who plays their Switch on the go. Get the Pro Bundle, in fact, so that you have a carrying case that accommodates the grip and can hold a charger, extra joycons, and games as well. My only gripe would be with the thumb pads, which are bulky enough that they actually stop the joystick from reaching full tilt, so any game with a range of motion speeds linked to how far tilted the joystick is will require a distracting level of force to get the most out of it. I'm not knocking a star off for the Thumb Pads because that always seemed like a nice bonus rather than an integral part of the experience, but it is worth noting that you should test how well your joysticks move with them on before getting into any intense situations.

Louis Stice

Mobile Switch Gaming for adult hands!

This is, by far, the most comfortable experience I've had when using the Nintendo Switch in mobile mode. Before, my hands would start cramping within minutes. Now, I can comfortably game for hours. I like the grip so much, I want a special dock so I don't have to take the Switch out of it! Great fit, great feel! Highly recommended for any Switch owner whose hands are large.